Corporate Governance Rules

Corporate governance is a set of rules and behaviours according to which, companies are managed and controlled. A good corporate governance model achieves its goal by setting a proper balance between entrepreneurship and control, as well as between performance and conformance.

SQUARIS’ Corporate Governance Charter (CGC) is a key tool for value creation over the long term, since its observation results in more efficient and transparent management of the company, together with enhanced risk management and maximisation of value for SQUARIS’ stakeholders.

Our CGC has been drawn up in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Belgian Codes on Corporate Governance, and is supplemented by a number of annexes, which form an integral part of it:

- Charter of the Audit Committee , which assists the Board of Directors in the fulfilment of its supervisory mission (Annex I);
- Charter of the Appointment & Remuneration Committee , which is entrusted with combined advisory responsibilities (Annex II);
- Code of Ethical Conduct , which defines the principles and adherence to high ethical standards and compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to SQUARIS activities (Annex III);
- Code of Conduct for Board Directors , which defines the mission and obligations of each Board Directors (Annex IV).