The main objectives of the NARTUS (for the establishment of a European Platform and Roadmap for Future Public Safety Communication) project were:

- to create a pan European (including non European Union Nations) consultative network for public safety users, applications and system providers as well as operators that will facilitate European convergence in the area of public safety communications and information management systems.
- To elaborate and promote a roadmap based on international consensus and convergence and which will be focused in achieving future interoperability based on the harmonization of user requirements.

In this project, Squaris was Leader of the Work package « Dissemination- Communication »:

- Participation in the consensus building process
- Responsible for Communication activities (News and Newsletter)
- Networking of stakeholders and interaction with EU institutions
- Support for the establishment of PSCE as an international association
- Areas of interest: telecommunication policy (radio spectrum policy) environment policy, civil protection activities.