Under the leadership of the Swedish Road Administration (SRA), the SMART Digitac project gathered SQUARIS and major stakeholders in the field of road transport in order to:

1) tackle all the issues which may put at risk the introduction of the digital tachograph by (i) assessing them; (ii) working out solutions; (iii) and paving the way to their acceptance by the Member States and industry;
2) defining the users’ needs for a second generation of digital tachograph/Tachograph cards

The project pinpointed major pitfalls of the legislation and proposed solutions to stabilise the first generation of digital tachograph/tachograph cards. It also checked if these solutions could be implemented in all Member States and were compatible with the industry’s capacity.

SQUARIS contributed to the project by streamlining the knowledge of enforcement bodies and supporting the transformation of their needs into technical requirements. The project ran from 2007 to 2009.