Veronica I+II

The VERONICA I project was launched on December 2004 and ended in December 2006. The objective of the EU-funded VERONICA project I (Vehicle Event Recording based On Intelligent Crash Assessment) was to define technical, legal and prevention requirements for potential mandatory introduction of accident data recording devices. The project objectives comprised a study on possible prevention effects that Event Data Recorders (EDR) could have as well as on necessary standards, technical and legal requirements for EDRs.

VERONICA I consortium gathered various vehicle and VEDR (vehicle event data recording) manufacturers, experts in telematics, insurance companies, medical experts, experts in accident reconstruction, vehicle inspectors, and experts in enforcement.

SQUARIS  supported VERONICA I Project with its expertise in enforcement and legal issues. On May 1st 2007 a follow-up VERONICA II project began, having the following objectives:

1.To define the technical specifications in order to harmonise EDRs (Event Data Recorders) in the European Union, paving the way for their smooth market introduction.
2. To define a legal framework for the introduction of EDRs

SQUARIS took active part in the 24-month long project providing its expertise in accident reconstruction and investigation.More information is available on