Vision, missions and values

Our Vision

- Be different to make a difference: we are committed to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing independent and tailored-made services.

- Partners are us, We are our partners: we are committed to create long-term partnerships with our clients and to not limit ourselves to sell them our services. We are dedicated to building long‐term and rewarding partnerships that bring value to our clients and our employees.

- Growth comes first: we are committed to remain financially strong and to be a growth-oriented company for the protection of both our employees and clients.

Our Mission

- Influence: we provide public relations counsel and strategic communications services to build influential networks and relationships, to influence attitudes and behaviours.

- Added-value: we offer services that benefit our clients and make them grow.

- Accountability: we measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales and criteria mutually agreed upon between SQUARIS and its clients.

Our Values

- Integrity: We maintain the highest level of ethics and integrity at all time.

- Responsibility: We adopted and use best governance practises for providing a comprehensive and transparent disclosure of SQUARIS’ governance.

- Quality: Quality is the cornerstone of SQUARIS activities and internal processes. SQUARIS is on the way of being awarded with the ISO 9001 certificate.

Our Principles

SQUARIS is committed to loyalty.

SQUARIS is committed to confidentiality.

SQUARIS is committed to being innovative.