Morocco – Road safety, enforcement of commercial transport and introduction of the digital tachograph: Squaris is implementing an EU funded project to improve road safety and introduce digital tachographs in Morocco. The project will help develop a road traffic control strategy for commercial transport in Morocco and support convergence to AETR and the EU. The project involves - institutional capacity building, strengthening the role of inspection, elaboration of legal texts concerning driving & resting times, developing requirements to approve digital tachograph workshops, and providing assistance on managing issuance of tachograph cards.


Implementation of Digital Tachograph (IDT): The IDT project provided significant support to Member States and helped them deal with the issues such as ‘Type approval of equipment’, ‘Card issuing (driver, control, company and workshop cards)’, ‘Setting up a network called TACHOnet for Member States to exchange information about issuing of cards’, ‘Adopting adequate legislation on digital tachograph and data management’, ‘Adopting consistent legislation on new procedures for performing roadside and company checks’, ‘Preparing sets of new laws for workshop approval’, ‘Preparing national legislations on security policies’, and ‘Assessment of all implementation aspects of Regulations n°3821/85 on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and to the free movement of such data’.


Monitoring of the Implementation of Digital Tachograph (MIDT): The MIDT project was a follow-up to the IDT and it established a platform to address various issues relating to the implementation of digital tachograph in Europe and AETR countries. It included the establishment of a forum for stakeholders, provision of helpdesk services as well as training and communication activities.


Smart DIGITACH: The Smart DIGITACH project was implemented by SQUARIS in collaboration with the Swedish Road Administration (SRA). It focused on tackling all the issues which may put at risk the introduction of the digital tachograph and defining the users’ needs for a second generation of digital tachograph/Tachograph cards.


TACOT (Trusted Multi Application Receiver for Trucks): Prepared the introduction and promoted the use of EGNOS and GALILEO in the road transportation industry through the addition of a secure GNSS function to the Digital Tachographs (DT), to equip more than 30 million European vehicles.


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