Promoting health through information sharing

Health is the pillar on which successful and stable societies are built. Effective public health systems ensure physical and mental well-being of people not only during emergencies, but also in the absence of a crisis. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing a clean environment and access to support, are key components of an efficient public health system.

The covid pandemic has placed a lot of stress on healthcare systems across the world. However, it has also offered an opportunity to strengthen these systems by addressing the revealed vulnerabilities through concrete measures that leverage digitalization and connectivity. Information sharing and education have also emerged as a priority in the aftermath of covid.

SQUARIS supports healthcare associations and international organizations by facilitating dialogue to identify priorities in improving healthcare. We also prioritize awareness raising and information sharing, not only to promote responsible use of science, but also to counter misinformation and disinformation on topics such as vaccination.

Projects that made an impact

Discover about our cases below where SQUARIS helped to improve and establish new standards for Health